It’s no secret that we’re all about fun promotions around here, but this summer, we took that level of fun to explosive, new levels with the Boom in June promotion! To say that this promo was a massive success would be a serious understatement; just check out the thousands of Associates who earned prizes and experiences on top of their commissions and personal rewards.

Congrats! You Exceeded Our Wildest Expectations!

  • An incredible 2,056 people qualified for the US$200 bonus for helping 5 or more new Members get started with a qualifying order!
  • By helping 8 or more new Members get started with a qualifying order, we packed the Palazzo at Celebration with 1,210 people who qualified for the free 4-night hotel room!
  • 579 people qualified for the private Jim and Kathy Coover meet and greet at Celebration and the private training call with Kathy Coover by helping 10 or more new Members join Isagenix with a qualifying order!

These Top 25 Associates Took the Boom to the Max

  1. Julie Zenke
  2. Jane Asher
  3. Jonnine Bloss
  4. Janine Charron
  5. Real Andrews
  6. Cindy Franco
  7. Alex Wilson
  8. Mackenzie Blanchard
  9. Ashley Reis
  10. Patrick Schmitt
  11. Kristina Bozoarth
  12. Illyana Fox
  13. Tanis Heron
  14. Sharla Wohlers
  15. Alexandra Fuller
  16. Adam Sisk
  17. William Taylor
  18. Tom Reaney
  19. Melissa Machicek
  20. Marni Braithwaite
  21. Mandi Sylvester
  22. Liberty Gray
  23. Karen Lockwood
  24. Zachary Branch
  25. Tirza Wibel

Congratulations to our top 25 Associates and absolutely everyone who took advantage of the Boom in June promotion. You helped so many new Members get started on their health and wellness journey by joining the Isagenix family! Keep it up.


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Are You Taking Advantage of the ChampionSHIP Challenge?

The ChampionSHIP Challenge is our current promotion, and if you’re not yet registered, it’s not too late to get on board! Earn prizes, bonuses, and the chance for a spot on a luxury cruise with us in 2018 by simply registering and working your business!