Leaders lead from the front. Google that statement and you’ll quickly see the prestigious organizations that follow it; Isagenix is no different. Our leaders are the best in the industry because of the training they receive through leadership meetings.

The next big Isagenix Leadership Meeting will be Saturday, August 15 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and kick off our 2015 “Breakthrough” Celebration event in San Diego.

Business leaders who promote to Executive or above by July 19, and have a ticket to Celebration are cordially invited to attend this meeting.

Hosted by Isagenix Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer Travis Garza, this invite-only meeting is your exclusive opportunity to learn from the industry’s most sought-after leaders.

Elite trainers include:

Kathy Coover

Kathy Coover, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

In 1990, Kathy Coover left her career as a dental hygienist to become a top earner in three separate network marketing companies, generating millions in income.

Expect to learn:

  • How Kathy built an explosive business three separate times
  • How to build your own booming business using similar tips plus how to sustain the growth
  • Steps to being a valued and successful leader


David Wood, Isagenix Strategic Training Consultant

David has developed a world-class personal development training program for Isagenix and has trained hundreds of top leaders.

Expect to learn:

  • What sets Isagenix apart in the network marketing industry and how you can apply those industry-leading strategies to your business
  • What to say when someone is skeptical of the business


Mac Larsen, Vice President of North American Sales

Previous to Isagenix, Mac worked as Director of Sales for another direct sales company, helping the company grow to nearly a billion dollars in annual sales.

Expect to see:

  • Mac get involved with the audience and have others share their real-life success stories


Peta Kelly, Isagenix Millionaire, 10-Star Platinum, 10-Star Crystal Executive

At 26 years old, Peta is the youngest in Isagenix history to max out a business center. She is recognized as a leading industry expert in mindset and building a strong, unified team.

Expect to learn:

  • The secrets she personally uses to develop her mindset that will last for generations to come using positive, reoccurring habits
  • The key to becoming unified and building as one team

Isagenix Leadership Meetings are key to learning industry trends and successful steps to developing a progressive business by expert professionals building with you.

Visit IsagenixBusiness.com for exclusive training tips on how to build an explosive business.