Army veteran Amanda had returned from her time in the service with a heavy heart. It had taken a major toll on her mind and body and she quickly lost herself. Amanda didn’t know how to escape the sadness and darkness she felt.

IsaBody_AmandaM-121015Survivor’s Guilt        

Amanda spent five years serving in the Army and, during that time, she completed one tour in Iraq. She witnessed pain and devastation, including the horrific death of a close friend. For over 10 years, she carried around the grief from her loss and couldn’t shake what she called her “survivor’s guilt.” She tried to deal with the pain through therapy and support groups, but nothing seemed to help. She felt lost.

Because she was in such a negative place mentally and emotionally, Amanda had stopped taking care of her health and her body and began to gain weight. Although she still made it to the gym occasionally, her workouts were less effective because she lacked the energy she needed.

“For 11 years, I had just kind of been floating. I’m just here. I’m a wife. I’m a mom,” Amanda says. “But, I just didn’t really know who I was anymore.”

She felt like her identity had slipped away.

IMG_5109_resizedFinding Hope Through Isagenix

Amanda had been using Isagenix products off and on since 2009, but wasn’t truly committed to it. As she struggled to lose the weight from her pregnancies and was at one of her lowest points, Amanda recalls reaching out to her mother.

“I was crying on the phone, because I was so overweight and so miserable,” Amanda says. “I was working out, but I had no energy and was in a bad place in my head.”

When her mom shared that someone they knew had placed in the IsaBody Challenge®, Amanda had to see it for herself. Once she saw the transformation pictures, she reached out to the woman immediately, desperate for help. She knew that the IsaBody Challenge could be the key to helping her find herself and her happiness again.

tire flip editChallenging Herself Emotionally and Physically

Amanda’s first IsaBody Challenge was focused on weight loss. Although she was able to release 25 pounds* during the Challenge, she still felt unhappy.

“I really felt like if I could just make a physical transformation, I’d be on cloud nine, and it would fix a lot of my issues,” Amanda says. “But, that quickly changed as I got into the second Challenge. I realized that it’s not just about that.”

During her second and third Challenges, Amanda decided she was really going to push herself to transform not just her body, but also her life.

“My third Challenge may not have produced a significant weight loss; however, I was able to release the emotional baggage I towed,” Amanda says. “I have often questioned why my life was spared, and the answer is because I still have a purpose!”

Rediscovering Her Purpose

Amanda used to think that the peak of her health was when she was in the Army, but now she is in better shape than she was in her 20s. She released a total of 38 pounds,* her energy is through the roof, and she has a better relationship with food through the Isagenix System.

amanda crossfit

Feeling inspired by her Isagenix journey and passionate about health and fitness, especially CrossFit, Amanda is pursuing a career in personal training. She is set to complete her certificate at the end of January 2016 and hopes to open her own studio or gym.

“I feel like with this career path, I can actually help people before they start going to see the doctor because of high cholesterol or being overweight,” Amanda says. “I want to help them make their lives and their quality of life better before they start getting sick.”

Amanda also hopes to use the income from her growing Isagenix business to contribute and give back to the veteran community. Her goal is to honor her friend who passed by leading outreach programs and fundraisers and using her knowledge and experience to educate veterans on nutrition and fitness.

“I finally found myself through the IsaBody Challenge because of the transformation I had physically, but also mentally, the clarity of knowing that I was made for something else.”

*Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 9 pounds with an average of 2 pounds of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix System. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet.