AMPED Hydrate Will Start to Replace Replenish in May


Replenish to Hydrate_041216_JIM_510x510-Article PreviewYour favorite sports drink is now part of the AMPED™ product family. We are officially rebranding Replenish™ into AMPED Hydrate, and you will start to see the new packaging in your upcoming orders.

If you already love Replenish, you can continue to enjoy the same flavors, formula, benefits, and price, as your product will be exactly the same on the inside. If you’re trying it for the first time, or you want to know how Hydrate will work with the AMPED product line, these are the key features than can change your workout:

Any Time, Any Place

While the current AMPED products—Power, NOx, Fuel, and Recover—follow a specific nutritional timing to maximize fitness, AMPED Hydrate is the perfect sports drink for any time of day.

  • Drink AMPED Hydrate before a workout to prepare for rigorous activity.
  • Drink AMPED Hydrate during a workout to keep the body hydrated so you can exercise efficiently.
  • Drink AMPED Hydrate after a workout to replace water, electrolytes, and other nutrients lost during exercise.
  • Drink AMPED Hydrate before a soccer game, during a hike, after a long walk, or for any other physical activity.

 Custom Performance System

AMPED Hydrate will join the Performance Solution as part of the AMPED product line, and you will be able to select AMPED Hydrate as an extra option for your next Custom Performance System. Use your voucher to customize the system to fit your needs.

Great Ingredients, Still Delicious

AMPED Hydrate doesn’t sacrifice taste for quality ingredients. You can replace essential water, electrolytes, and other nutrients without the extra sugar you may find in other flavored sports drinks.

The New Packaging Is Coming

We’ll be shipping Juicy Orange Hydrate in new AMPED packaging later in May with the other flavors following this year. Remember! The product is exactly the same; only the packaging is different.

Visit your Back Office to order AMPED Hydrate today, and don’t forget to try the rest of the AMPED product line.

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