90-Day Global Game Plan

Kathy Coover teaches 90-Day Game Plan at 2014 New Year Kick Off

A 90-Day Game Plan is exactly what it sounds like: a customized, three-month guide to achieving your Isagenix business goals. And after Celebration, we’re starting a Global 90-Day Game Plan, so get ready to join us for the largest 90 days in Isagenix history to find your Strength in Momentum!

Completing a 90-Day Game Plan “could change your life forever. When you map out your 90-day goals, you put you and your team on the fast track to success,” says Isagenix Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kathy Coover.

If you’re ready to take your Isagenix business to the next level, you need to get on board with your 90-Day Game Plan.

The Dates

The corporate sales team at Isagenix has mapped out a global initiative for our Associates around the world to follow intensive training presented onstage and via Isagenix Live at our upcoming Celebration event. “Whether you’re with us in San Diego, or tuned in to IsagenixLive.com, this training will be inspirational and invaluable,” says Sales and Marketing Supervisor Jacki Shoemake-Palmer. “Don’t miss it!”

The 90-Day Game Plan will start on September 8 and last until December 7.

We took feedback from our Associates and broke down the 90-Day Game Plan into three 30-day manageable blitzes.

During Celebration, August 23-26, we’ll be training extensively on the 90-Day Game Plan and even filling out the workbooks to help you succeed.

Get Prepared

If you’re not able to attend Celebration, you’ll want to download the updated 90-Day Game Plan workbook at IsagenixBusiness.com (available starting August 24) and follow along with training at home via Isagenix Live. You’ll also be able to purchase the updated workbook at IsaSalesTools.com following Celebration.

After Celebration, you’ll have about a week to solidify your goals and calendar before you jump in and start working hard to meet the goals you’ve set for yourself!

Stay tuned to IsagenixBusiness.com and join our Isagenix Business Facebook Group for training and support materials for your 90-Day Global Game Plan. Together we will!