Next Training Podcast: How to Align Isagenix Tools With Your 90-Day Game Plan

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Next week, 3-Star Golden Circle, 2-Star Crystal Executive Kary O. will cover how to use Isagenix tools to grow your business during your 90-Day Game Plan and earn points in IsaDerby™. These tools make sharing Isagenix products and solutions easier than ever!

Success Tip: Weekly Accountability

Be sure to keep track of your weekly activities and results! If you attended Celebration, your 90-Day Game Plan book has helpful weekly accountability pages, starting on page 60.

If you’re using the generic 90-Day Game Plan workbook from, the weekly accountability section begins on page 38.

IsaDerby Tip

Add IsaDerby inspiration to your vision board to get—and stay—fired up through the entire race! New, inspirational IsaDerby images are available now in the social media library!

A vision board is a powerful tool to keep you motivated on your goals. Learn how to build a vision board that will inspire and empower you.


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