90dayGP-IsaFYI-510x510Finish Week 8 Strong!

It’s week eight of our 90-Day Game Plan, and that means you’re nearly two-thirds of the way through! On Monday, we’ll start our final 4-week cycle, which will include another round of Text Message Blitz Day, another Launch Party week, and lots of business building activities!

Leverage Launch Party Week!

You’ve still got a few days left in our first Launch Party week, which means you still have time to leverage our free* shipping promotion. That’s a value of up to US$25/CA$27.75 for new members! Get all the details on free* shipping here.

IsaDerby Reminder

Don’t forget—IsaDerby™ Riviera Maya standings are updated every Monday. Check them out now at IsaDerby.com!

Keep watch for the next exciting surprise announcement on November 1!


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