professional fitness model

Laurie is a 14-year veteran professional fitness model. There’s nothing that Laurie’s body can’t do if she puts her mind to it.

Laurie is a 14-year veteran fitness model. After competing in nearly 25 competitions for bodybuilding, making the cover of numerous fitness magazines nationwide, and winning the 1997 World Championship in motocross racing, there’s nothing that Laurie’s body can’t do if she puts her mind to it.

Now a personal trainer in Cranbrook, British Columbia, and a fitness judge in four different national and international bodybuilding federations, Laurie knows what it takes to place true winners on the map to success.

In fact, she is headed to the International Fitness and Physique Association (IFPA) this fall to compete in her 26th competition. Read on to learn how she preps her clients and keeps herself on track with the help of Isagenix.

Q. Laurie, you are 47 and appear years younger than that. What motivates you to stay in such great shape?

A. You know, there are only 30,000 people in my town, so when I started my personal training business, my goal was to be in the best physical shape. And of course, there are my children Mitchell, 14, and Dayna, 11, who mean everything to me—and I want to become a model of health for them, too. There’s a main rule of thumb: Eat healthy, work out and feel good. It’s a no-brainer.


Q. So you’ve been active and eating healthy for 14 years and clearly it’s paid off. Why have you recently decided to try Isagenix?

A. So many people consider Isagenix a weight-loss company and it isn’t. It’s a solutions-based wellness company that helps people release unwanted fat with an end result of optimal nutrition. This is what fitness modeling is as well…An overall health and wellness model.

Sure, there are various methods to use the products for weight loss or maintaining weight, but in April, when I began using Isagenix, I needed to gain weight. I’m 5’4” and was 109 pounds, and with the implementation of IsaLean® Pro and IsaPro® Shakes four times a day, I’m up to 114 pounds.*

Q. Not many people know what goes into fitness modeling behind these competitions. It’s such a huge level of commitment and dedication. Would you mind shedding light on how you prep your athletes for competitions?

012A. When you compete, there’s a three-phase program that I put my clients and myself through—especially since I’m training for the IFPA this fall.

The first stage is to give yourself a bit more calorie content to create muscle. Then you go into phase two, but as a trainer, I personally tweak it by deleting or omitting a bit of carbohydrates here and there. Typically, I assess my clients’ physique visually and make a judgment there. The third phase, which as a trainer and competitor I’m in right now, helps you keep lean body mass by increasing your protein and then lowering your carbohydrates slowly.



Q. Is there one Isagenix formulation that’s been a personal favorite for you and your clients?


A. That’s a great question. You can tell during fitness modeling competitions who has optimal nutrition by not only their quality of muscle, but by a fully developed abdominal wall. We also judge for stage presentation, poise, symmetry, femininity, conditioning and nutrition. My clients who had used this Isagenix combination had their abdominal wall full. There was a definite health factor to my clients—every single judge told me that. And—all my clients placed. One is going to the pro show at IFPA as well and is an Isagenix user, too.

So what I recommend, the use of the shakes, especially post-workout.

Q. What long-term, future goals do you have with Isagenix?

A. I want to be an athlete that shows people that there’s more out there than just shelf products because hands down—this is the best product that I have put into my body. And on top of that, there’s a second side to Isagenix with the business and people should have that financial and athletic freedom.

*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.