amped-IsaFYI-510x510It’s only been a little over a month since Isagenix launched its latest performance product—AMPED™ Power—and it’s already a wild success with athletes and weekend warriors everywhere.

AMPED Power is a pre-workout drink mix combining creatine, Nitrosigine®, and citrulline to increase power and help improve blood flow during workouts. Team Isagenix bodybuilder and IsaBody™ Finalist Will Armijo has been using AMPED Power for more than a month and loves his results.*

“The product is clean. After cycling through other pre-workout supplements, the same thing always happened—caffeine spike, followed by a crash and weird feeling due to all the artificial ingredients,” says Will.

Traditional pre-workout supplements are loaded with artificial caffeine that leave you with the feeling Will describes, but AMPED Power is just the opposite. If you’re not using AMPED Power before your workouts, these are just some of the benefits you could be missing when you hit the gym:

1. That “Extra Rep”

What is the value of one more rep? All by itself, not much. But, add them up over weeks, months, or even years, and suddenly you have serious progress. The creatine in AMPED Power helps boost strength by increasing the availability of ATP—a source of cellular energy—in your muscles to help you get that “extra rep” at the end of every workout.*

2. Better Blood Flow

As you exercise, your heart rate increases so your blood can deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. It’s an essential function for effective workouts and AMPED Power helps improve this process even more. Nitrosigine® and citrulline in AMPED Power support blood flow during a workout so creatine and nutrients can get to your muscles when they need it most.*

3. An Edge for the Weekend Warrior

This isn’t just for professional bodybuilders and fitness competitors—quite the contrary. Anyone who loves to work out, no matter what those workouts may be, can benefit from the increase in strength delivered by AMPED Power. Athletes, soccer moms, college students, 9-to-5 desk jockeys, it doesn’t matter. This can help improve anyone’s workout.

4. A Better Workout…With or Without Caffeine

If caffeine gives you the jitters during exercise, AMPED Power is the pre-workout just for you. It does not contain caffeine but still gives you the boost you need to make your workouts better. If you do like caffeine before hitting the gym, pair AMPED Power with e+™ energy shot for an extra jolt of intensity.

Learn more about AMPED Power and order your own in your Back Office today.

Nitrosigine® is a registered trademark of Nutrition 21, LLC and is patent protected.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.