30-Day Premium Pak Increases in BV

The 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System is the most popular system, offering 30 days of nutritious, good-for-you food, but did you know its upgraded counterpart, the 30-Day Premium Pak, is the best system for weight management and sharing Isagenix with others?


Not only do Customers receive one of the best weight loss systems available for shedding unwanted pounds and inches, but starting today, we’re excited to announce that the 30-Day Premium Pak will receive an increase of 35 BV points, going from 150 BV to 185 BV! Same great price, only MORE BV.














Share With Others

This pak comes with all the products from the 30-Day System, other popular Isagenix products like e+™ shots and IsaLean® Bars, and three 5-Piece Sample Paks, giving you enough products for yourself and some to share with others. When new Members purchase this pak for their initial order, they will also receive their Isagenix membership for free. Also included in the 30-Day Premium Pak is a $25 off event coupon to use on any of the upcoming corporate-hosted events like Isagenix University, University in Action, New Year Kick Off, or the biggest event of the year, Celebration.

Add this incredible pak to your next wholesale or Autoship order, and share your passion for the products with others. Plus, if you decide to look into the Wealth Creation solution, you would already be using one of the best-selling paks.

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