Isagenix events are getting better each year, and this year’s events promise even more in-depth training segments and networking opportunities than ever before. If you’re ready to take your Isagenix business to the next level, you need to attend an event!

Why Attend an Event?

Events are the BEST way to gather all the tools, resources, and training that you need to become a successful network marketer. Events are also a great way to bond with your team, share best practices with other Associates, and network with top trainers and Isagenix Executives. Don’t miss your chance to catapult your business forward, build your belief in our brand, and meet inspiring people who want to help you succeed.

What Are Isagenix Events?

Each Isagenix event is invaluable for your business and honing your skill set, but there are a few different kinds of events, each one catered to slightly different goals. Here’s a quick breakdown of the difference between the Isagenix events:

New Year Kick Off – NYKO is one of the largest events of the year. It features stellar lineups of fantastic trainers who can help you start the year off right. NYKO is teeming with vibrant energy, networking opportunities, and product updates. This event is the best way to set yourself up for success in the new year; it’s also a lot of fun for you and your team. Get your tickets to NYKO 2018 before they sell out!

  • NYKO 2018

Jan. 11-13

Phoenix, Arizona – Join us in our hometown to celebrate success, and learn invaluable tips that can lead you into the new year feeling rejuvenated and ready to hit major goals!

Global Celebration – If you’re unable to make it to any other event this year (but we hope you can), Celebration is THE event to attend. This is our largest event of the year, and as its name suggests, it’s a celebration of accomplishments and a massive learning hub. Celebration is packed with training segments from star-studded trainers, new product launches, and endless networking opportunities. This is an event you won’t want to miss! Tickets are already on sale for Celebration 2018!

  • Global Celebration 2018

Aug. 5-7

Nashville, Tennessee – Global Celebration, our largest and most extravagant event, offers Associates the chance to reset, refresh, and reignite the fire to share Isagenix. This event is packed with training sessions, networking opportunities, product launches, and more.

Red and White Unite – Our Red and White Unite event is an extensive celebration of outstanding achievements by the pioneers who are revolutionizing this business in Canada. It’s also an extensive learning opportunity packed with in-depth training segments. This is our largest Canadian event and the best place to meet fellow Canadian Associates and learn from Isagenix Executives and top leaders.

  • Red and White Unite 2018

April 5-7

Vancouver, British Columbia – Red and White Unite is your opportunity to experience the culture of Isagenix in Canada. This three-day event is the best place to meet other Associates, share best practices and success stories, and just have a good time. Get your tickets to Red and White Unite 2018!

Isagenix University – IsaU events are packed with training segments that range from beginner to expert. These events feature Isagenix Executives and top leaders who provide actionable tips to help you grow your business. It’s a great option to get an overview of the entire business and learn tactics to help you be more efficient. Find an IsaU near you!

  • IsaU Philadelphia

April 26-28

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • IsaU Chicago
  • Sept. 20-22

    Chicago, Illinois

  • IsaU Calgary
  • Oct. 18-20

    Calgary, Alberta

    University in Action – UIA events are a great way to hone your skills and become a professional network marketer. Isagenix Strategic Training Consultant David T.S. Wood will give you the hands-on training and experience you need to launch your business into action. These two and a half days can help you conquer challenges you’re facing at any stage in your business. UIA events are an excellent way to work collaboratively with others. Find a UIA event near you!

    • UIA Dallas

    May 18-20

    Dallas, Texas

  • UIA Ottawa
  • Oct. 26-28

    Ottawa, Ontario

  • UIA Vancouver
  • Oct. 12-14

    Vancouver, Washington

    If you’ve already attended one of our Isagenix events, then you know how life-changing they can be — now it’s up to you to convince your team members to relish in the event experience. If you’ve never been to an event, you’re missing out on a key component to your success. Choose an event that works with your schedule and prepare for the endless aha moments coming your way.

    Get more details on our 2018 Isagenix events.