Isagenix promotions are designed to reward extraordinary performance and leadership. The Executive Leadership Pool promotion has been effective at providing a substantial incentive and reward for our most active and fastest-growing leaders and their teams (4 PET). Each year we have added more money to the Executive Leadership Pools and this year will be no exception. As always, our objective is to ensure that our promotions continue to provide incentives for the activities that help to grow your business.

Based on our analysis and input from our field leaders, we have made certain adjustments to the 2015 Executive Leadership Pools to better align this promotion with these fundamental goals. These adjustments have been made to protect the integrity of pool share values while continuing to encourage field leadership development.

These adjustments impact the following:

Current Platinum Businesses:

You will continue to participate in the Executive Leadership Pools under the current rules for a period of 90 days beginning December 29, 2014 through March 29, 2015.

Effective March 30, 2015, we will implement the following adjustments:

  • Only the most recent re-entry business center will participate in the Executive Leadership Pools
  • Personal share growth will be measured only on your latest re-entry position
  • The pool you participate in will be dictated by the qualification and cycles of your latest re-entry position only

Leaders Advancing to Platinum after December 29,2014:

You will have a 90-day transition period (beginning when you achieve 250 cycles or six months after opening your re-entry)

Each re-entry position will work its way through the Executive Leadership Pools just like a primary business center for Director, Executive, and above statuses

Leaders who have Platinum (re-entry) Businesses within their 4 PET:

For Platinum members currently within your 4 PET, you will continue to receive the benefit of their entire cycle growth for all of their business centers (primary and re-entries) for a 90-day transition period from December 29, 2014 through March 29, 2015

For those within your 4 PET that achieve Platinum status after December 29, 2014:

  • You will receive shares calculated from all positions for a 90-day transition period beginning when the Platinum Leader achieves 250 cycles or six months after opening their re-entry business center
  • After the 90-day transition period, cycle growth from Platinum leaders will be calculated only from his or her most recent re-entry business center

To be clear, these changes do not impact who is included in your 4 PET. You will continue to receive the benefit of growth from all members in your 4 PET, subject to the adjustment calculations of share value related to any re-entry positions.

We are always looking for ways to ensure your success and the growth of Isagenix. We are continuing to support the Leadership Pools with millions of dollars in annual payouts and we invite you to use your dynamic leadership to rally your teams and continue creating Net Cycle Growth.

For more details and official rules on the Executive Leadership Pool, visit your Back Office.