2 Promotions Help Young Associates to Cash in Big

Young business builders in the new Isagenix® Facebook group, START, are cashing in big thanks to two incredible promotions: Double Product Introductory Bonuses (PIBs) and Rank Advancement Bonuses (RABs).

With both promotions ending August 12, now is the time to fire up your team, enroll as many new Associates as possible and propel your business to exciting new heights, while also adding an extra $200, $400, even $600 to your weekly commission check.

Associates who are taking advantage of these promotions are not only spearheading their businesses and quickly advancing in rank (a perk of the Rank Advancement Bonus promotion!), but also increasing their team’s order basket and overall retention rate, boosting their earning potential.

Here’s what one young aggressive business builder shared:

“I love my PIBs and RABs! I’ve earned around $2,000 in Double PIBs and $800 in RABs … just by sharing health and teaching others to do the same. It’s the way to make extra cash and rock your team to success. Helping others has never felt better. —Farrah Razuri, Star Consultant

For more information on Double PIBS or RABs and how to maximize both promotions before they’re gone, visit IsaProduct.com.

To join the START group, founded by Isagenix® Director of Field Development Erik Coover and young Associates (ages 35 and under) with like-minded goals, visit Facebook.com.